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Sweet Beet Mustard

Sweet Beet Mustard

$ 7.00

Our Sweetest Beet:

Back by popular demand, we have our take on a honey mustard available year-round. In addition to using our go-to Washington Raw Honey from Georgetown Pantry Supply, we sprinkled in a dash of beet powder for its beautiful red color and it's slight sweet flavor. Best part: it gives this mustard a name fitting of our master-mustard-maker, Justin Hoffman. The name: Sweet Beet. The story: just as much a mustard-maker, Justin is a music-maker. A true artist at his core, he pours his creative energy into all of his work, from sweets to beats. Grab a jar, turn some tunes on, and break it down.

7 oz. Made weekly in small batches at Mustard and Co.'s very own shop.

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Ingredients: fresh-ground mustard seed, organic extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, filtered water, Northwest raw honey, beet powder, Jacobsen Salt Co. sea salt.