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We partner with the world's best stores to bring Mustard and Co. to their local community.

Mustard and Co. is distributed by our sister company Stocked Distribution. Everything is the same, besides the name on the invoice (and all the other great brands we have on hand from friends and pals). We're the same people, the same warehouse, the same production facility, the same jokes, the same... you get the point. 

You can browse our full wholesale collection here

If you have a shop that would be a good fit or know of one that might be interested, Bryan would love to hear from you. Either fill out the form below or if it's easier, feel free to email him at or give him a ring at 734 904 9877. 

Currently we send mustard to:

  • Grocery markets
  • Neighborhood markets
  • Cheese shops
  • Meat shops
  • Fish shops
  • Boutique shops
  • Wine & Beer shops
  • Gifting companies
  • CSAs
  • Natural grocery
  • Co-ops