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In Good Company with Jacobsen Salt Co.

Earlier this week, we discussed the "and Co." portion of our name and the importance it brings to our business and our culture. We are excited to kick off our In Good Company series and begin to introduce you to the makers we collaborate and partner with.

So without further ado, we introduce:

We teamed up with Jacobsen Salt Company back in the early days of Mustard and Co. You see, Bryan, being new to the specialty food scene, had his eyes on the cool kids on the block. Who was pulling out all the coolest moves? Who had the best parties and the largest group of friends? Yup, you guessed it - Jacobsen Salt Co. So when Bryan finally *mustard* up the courage, he reached out to Ben, the namesake himself. Turns out, the coolest kid on the block is also the nicest kid on the block. We collaborated with Jacobsen to craft a simple unadulterated mustard known today as our Classic variety. We now use Jacobsen salt in all of our mustards and are super proud to share branding on our label.

 For those of you who aren't familiar with Jacobsen's majestic crystals, allow us to enlighten you. Mr. Jacobsen set out on his sea salt adventure after discovering the local food scene in Portland and realizing no one was making one of the most essential substances used in cooking. He spent about three years testing processes and searching for the salty sweet spot of the sea, including tracing the steps of Lewis & Clark up the Oregon coast to where they would ultimately set up shop in beautiful Netarts Bay. Ben's determination certainly paid off. His salts can be found in the kitchens of famous chefs and home cooks all around the world. To say this brand is bad ass is a bit of an understatement.  


(photo credit: first we feast)

Jacobsen Salt Co. offers a variety of flavored salts as well as chocolates and other candies. Do your food a favor and introduce your meals to Jacobsen Salt.


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